On-Site Energy Solutions

that address your facility's

Energy and Power Quality

Your trusted long-term energy viability partner

PowerCore's Advantage

  • Over 20yrs of HV & LV experience in power distribution systems engineering, analysis, design & modification, installation, testing & maintenance
  • A leading Ontario authorized EcoExpert integrator for Schneider Electric in Power Monitoring and Energy Management
  • Independent EPC for Battery Energy Storage and Power Generation, with a team of experienced Professional Engineers to guide End Users in the right direction for their needs
  • Deliver the optimal solution in terms of best value, shortest project delivery time, engineered long-term solution that can adapt to changing needs
  • Strong coverage in Ontario with supporting offices in London, GTA and Ottawa for both pre and post implementation service support


Application Focus

Battery Energy Storage Systems

BESS deployment for Global Adjustment charges reduction. Interconnection EPC and complete project services.

Co-Generation & CHP

On-site energy generation for commercial or industrial applications including Combined Heat & Power, Distributed Power and Stand-by generation for emergency backup, peak shaving, base load.

Intelligent Demand Management

Reduce Peak Demand while avoiding impact on operations with automated intelligent load reduction. User defined curtailment rules at low implementation cost.

Value Added Services

Feasibility Analysis & Functional Specs (FAFS)

Are you aware of all the hidden road blocks and requirements? Vendor neutral PowerCore can define optimal BESS / Co-Gen interconnection approach, file for Approvals and provide Guidance to ensure a successful project

Power Quality (PQ) Solutions

Integration of non-conventional Energy Sources may create PQ challenges. Conversely, existing PQ problems can be addressed by creative BESS deployment in conjunction with supplementary PQ solutions.

Power Monitoring & EMS

Your power system is the lifeline of your facility. Having easy to use, web enabled Power Quality and Energy Management System allows you to make informed decisions, prevent disruptions, as well as control and allocate cost.